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This company was founded to support our present and future clients/business partners – with the best possible, reliable, flexible, & professional, international freight forwarding – logistics service. We strive to help them conduct financially secure international trade with their own clients and worldwide business partners.

In order to accommodate our client’s objectives, we use our extensive professional background, experience and dedication. Our goal is to provide the best possible combination of service and cost effective solutions.

                        Let us handle your international export/import freight!

All we need to know from you is the cargo location and its final destination. We do the rest for you, in full compliance with Domestic & International Transportation Rules, Policies, and Regulations.

Our compliance with your transportation needs and your cooperation is the foundation for our mutual success.

We can handle any size and any type of freight from point A to point B worldwide.

Take a few minutes and see exactly what we can do for you.


The Novargo Inc. team